A day spent in Badr Smriti; Badr Kissa singing with remarkable innovations 2022

Malappuram | The Badar Kissapattu singing program organized by Madin Academy and All Kerala Kissapattu Association was a wonderful experience for the believers. The event was organized for the twelfth day of Ramadan, the day of departure for the Badr agitation. Badar Kissapattu, sung by 12 famous narrators and playback singers for 12 hours, was enthusiastically received by the audience. Reached thousands of people directly and online.

The event was organized to introduce Kissapat to the new generation and to attract more people and to commemorate the Badr struggle on the 17th of Ramadan. Kissapattu is an essay written in Arabic Malayalam literature on the history and struggles of Islamic poets, including the great poet Moinkutty Vaidya. Linguistic methods such as Chentamil, Tamil and Sanskrit have been adopted in such works. It was through such events that the old generation passed on history to the new generation.

Madinah Academy Chairman Syed Ibrahimul Khalil Al Bukhari inaugurated the event. He said that the importance of kiss songs has increased in recent times and opportunities should be created for the new generation to learn more about the songs of the great poet Moinkutty Vaidyar.

All Kerala Kissapattu Association Chairman Syed Salim Thangal Kamil Saqafi presided over the function. Kerala Waqf Board Chairman Adv. TK Hamsa was the chief guest. Moinkutty Vaidyar Memorial Academy Chairman Dr. Hussein delivered the second keynote address. PTM Aanakkara, Abu Mufeeda Thanalur, Madin Manager Dulfukharali Saqafi, Academic Director Noufal Kodoor, Yusuf Karakkad, KCA Kutty Koduvalli, KM Kutty Maitra, Abdu Kuruvambalam and Moitheen Kutty Musliyarangadi spoke on the occasion. Ashraf Saqafi Punnath, KPM Ahsani Kaipuram, Mustafa Saqafi Thennala, Ibrahim TN Puram, Abdul Qadir Kafaini, Rashid Kumaranalloor, Omar Musliar Maundiri, Abu Sadiq Musliar Kunnumpuram, Ashraf Daraani, led by .


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