A young man and his six-month-old baby who came to collect honey in the forest in Nilambur had a miserable end 2022

Tribal youth and six-month-old baby die at Meppadi Parappan Para Colony in Nilambur. Rajan of Parappan Para Colony and the child of his cousin were killed. The incident took place this morning.

The victims were members of a tribal group that had gone to the forest to collect honey. Rajan climbed up a tree to collect honey and slipped down. The six-month-old baby fell to the ground from the hands of a relative while running away. Rajan and the baby died in the forest.

The baby of Sunil of Nilambur Kumbapara colony died. Police and firefighters rushed to the scene. The fire brigade and the forest department worked hard to bring the body out.

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