Actor Will Smith banned from Oscar ceremonies for 10 years; Award in 2022

Los Angeles: Actor Will Smith has been banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years. The move comes two weeks after he won the Best Actor award.

Smith is facing disciplinary action for slapping presenter Chris Rock in the face for mocking his wife and actress Jade Smith when he arrived on stage to receive the award. But Smith had already resigned from the academy. The decision was made by the Oscar-winning Academy of Motion Picture Sciences and Sciences.

Due to the work of Rockhouse and Smith, the Academy Awards ceremony was completely marred. Instead of the awards and the performances of the actors, the organizers said that this unfortunate event was in the news. The move against Smith will take effect on April 8.

The decision to take action against Smith was made at a special meeting attended by board members including Steven Spielberg and Woopie Goldberg. Actors do not have to be academy members to win an Oscar. However, only academy members have the right to vote for award winners. This is denied.

The demand for Will Smith’s Oscar repurchase was high. But the academy says no such action. This is a relief to the actor.

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