Aster Mims and AstorMedicity City have signed an agreement with the Yemeni Embassy to provide free liver transplant surgery to ten needy Yemeni citizens 2022.

AsterMins and AsterMedicity have signed an agreement with the Yemeni MBC to provide free liver transplant surgery to ten needy Yemeni citizens. The agreement was signed in New Delhi in the presence of the Yemeni Ambassador to India Abdul Malik Al Irayani and the Medical Counselor of the Yemeni MBC Dr. Anees Hassan. According to the agreement, Aster Mims and AsterMedicity will provide free liver transplants to ten Yemeni nationals suffering from serious liver disease. The cost of this is Rs. Will be borne by the Elder Foundation and other charities. The embassy itself will find Yemeni citizens eligible for free liver transplant surgery and provide them to the hospital. The cost of travel and luggage while staying in India should be borne by the surgeon.
At the same time, Aster Mims and Medicity are offering a special discount package for patients coming from Yemen for liver transplant surgery.

According to the World Health Organization, there is only one doctor per million patients in Yemen. Therefore, such sustainable partnership schemes are essential to ensure that the best health care services are available to its citizens at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, we give priority to the most urgent matters such as liver transplant surgery, ”said Farhan Yasin, Kerala Oman Regional Director, Aster Hospitals.
‘Through our partnership with Aster Mims and Aster Medicity, we are confident that Yemeni citizens will be able to undergo high quality liver transplant surgery. It benefits our citizens as well as the local economy. Hanees Hassan said.

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