Asus VivoBook K15: OLED display, which is the biggest feature of this laptop, Review

 Take a look at the review of the Asus Vivobook K15 laptop released by Asus. Its first feature is that it comes with an LED display. Therefore, it has the best quality display. It measures 15.6 inches.

This laptop is given a plastic build. But when you look at it, it seems as if it is metallic. Because so much quality material is used for it. The laptop is provided with a fingerprint sensor. The review also states that the metallic build quality will be felt after seeing the keyboard light. A numeric pad is also provided in the keyboard area.

The keys are all nicely arranged. Keyboard pressing is nice and smooth. Its display, the LED display itself is its biggest feature. All laptops that come with standard LED displays come at a great price. In that case, the reviews show that the unique feature of this laptop is that it offers an LED display at an affordable price.

Another feature of this laptop is the excellent color reproduction. Therefore, color is very correct when doing things like Photoshop and editing. Moreover, this LED display will help us to enjoy watching movies in its original color. It also has excellent sound quality.

So the reviews make it clear that you can enjoy watching movies in its best quality. It can also be used for Photoshop, editing and day to day things. But this is not a laptop designed for heavy gaming. The Asus VivoBook K15 laptop is priced at Rs 46,990. The uniqueness of this laptop is that we can buy it at the best display, best sound quality and best build quality at this one price.

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