Barcelona beat New Camp; Frankfurt Semifinal UEFA Europa Lee Gill German Super Club Eintracht Frankfurt Semifinals

UEFA Europa Lee Gill German Super Club Eintracht Frankfurt Semifinals. Frankfurt beat Barcelona 3-1 in the second quarter today to reach the last four. Frankfurt won by four goals to three in both quarters.

In the first quarter at the Frankfurt Stadium, the two were level on goals scored. With this, Bar രണ്ടാംa were excited about the strength of their recent performance in the second quarter at the New Camp. However, in the fourth minute of the match, Philippe Costic converted a penalty to put Frankfurt ahead. Frankfurt took the lead in the 36th minute when Barcelona’s attempts to fight back failed. This time it was Colombian striker Rafael Bora’s shot that shook Barcelona’s goal.

In the 67th minute, Frankfurt regained the lead and secured the victory. This time too, it was the Serbian player Kostic who shook the net. Barcelona’s first strike in injury time before the Frankfurt attack. The first goal was scored by captain Sergio Busquets. Then, at the last minute of injury time, Memphis scored a penalty for Barcelona. But by then it was too late.

English club West Ham, who beat French club Olympique Lyonnais by four goals to one in both quarters, and Red Bull Leipzig, who beat Atlanta by three goals to one, advanced to the semifinals.

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