Born prematurely, without eyes or ears; Bhagyaraj against Modi critics 2022

Ilayaraja’s comparison of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Dr. BR Ambedkar was a big controversy. Now senior actor Bhagyaraj has also come on the scene praising the Prime Minister. On Wednesday, April 20, Bhagyaraj arrived at the BJP headquarters in Chennai to receive a book on Prime Minister Modi. “I need a person like Modi to lead the country and I like the energy of the Prime Minister,” Bhagyaraj said.

Bhagyaraj also lashed out at Modi’s critics, saying he was born prematurely without eyes or ears.

“I’m giving Modi a little tip. Critics (you) think they were born prematurely, that is, they were born within three months, ”he said at the event,“ why I say three months because the baby’s mouth only develops in the fourth month of pregnancy, and the ear only develops in the fifth month. This is why these people do not speak anything positive and even if something positive is said to them they do not listen to it. So we have to consider that the critics have not developed ears or mouth. You do not have to worry about them, ”he added.

Bhagyaraj is also the President of the South Indian Film Writers Association (SIFWA).

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