Bulldozer Raj at Jahangirpuri 2022

The RSS teachers have made it clear that their goal is a Hindu nation free of religious minorities and communists. The demolition of Muslim houses in Jahangirpuri in East Delhi yesterday and in Khargon district of Rajasthan last week is a journey towards that goal. The Hanuman procession in Jahangirpuri, the clashes and the demolition of buildings are all well planned. The procession passed through the area with large numbers of Muslim residents chanting hateful and provocative slogans. Moreover, when they reached in front of the mosque, the mob unleashed violence by accusing them of throwing stones at the procession. It is believed that the stoning was carried out by Hindutva itself to quell the riots. However, the Delhi Police placed the blame on the Muslims in the area and took legal action against them. Following this, Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta asked the mayor to evacuate the ‘illegal’ buildings of those arrested in connection with the clashes (all Muslims). Following this, a bulldozer raj was carried out in the North Delhi Municipal Corporation area, paving the way for many Muslim families. Nine bulldozers, more than 1,500 policemen and other security personnel were deployed by the North Delhi Corporation. The action was taken only against Muslim-owned buildings in the Jahangirpuri C block. The entrance to the church has also been demolished.

Governments have to follow certain procedures to demolish illegal buildings. The Supreme Court has directed that each demolition building owner be given prior notice. The corporation authorities were in a hurry to follow the instructions of the BJP leader without following any of this. Meanwhile, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind approached the Supreme Court to stay the demolition process, but the authorities continued the demolition process, saying they had not received a copy of the court order. CPM leader Brinda Karat, who arrived on the scene after learning of the state terror bypassing the judiciary, raised the apex court order, protesting in front of a bulldozer and urging police and other officials to abide by the court order.

For Hindutva, the state is only an instrument of the racial and cultural domination of the Hindutva nation. They did not appoint the state to lead the country politically to development, but to establish the cultural dominance of the Hindutva nation over the parliamentary state of India. That is what is being implemented one by one now. It is active in infiltrating Hindutva communalism instead of eroding the secular nature of academic institutions. Attempts to make history poetic are also underway. Hunting for religious minorities is also widespread, highlighting national security concerns. Muslim red place names and road names are changing one by one. Part of this is the politicization of the military and the use of the Election Commission as a weapon by the BJP. Meanwhile, Meghalaya High Court Justice SR Sen’s judgment in a case related to the issuance of residence permits shows that even the courts have come to the point of advocating for a Hindutva nation. ‘India is truly a Hindu nation because the partition of India is based on religion. It should have been declared a Hindu state, ‘he declared while sitting in the court of this secular democracy. Modi’s second election victory validates Britain’s The Guardian’s assessment that the spirit of India is to subjugate black politics.

Apart from this, hate speeches and propaganda are frequently coming from Hindutva centers. Four days ago, VHP leader Sadhvi Ritambara said that every Hindu couple should give birth to four children and dedicate two to the country to make India a Hindu nation. ‘Those who have studied the Qur’an are jihadists. Swami Prabodhanand Giri’s call on Hindus to keep weapons at home to receive the blessings of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. What hateful and communal propaganda is there about the ‘Bully Bhai’ app that auctioned Muslim women with photos, the false story of Shah Rukh Khan spitting on Lata Mangeshkar’s body, and the propaganda that Hindus are oppressed in Malappuram! A recent study by Facebook data experts found that hate propaganda is on the rise in the country and that India has become one of the most dangerous countries for hate propaganda. Hate speech is an excellent weapon of fascism and a stepping stone to genocide.

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