But I could not speak then, I was crushing on the actor: Gayatri Ashok 2022


Gayatri Ashok is an actress who is well known to the audience through the movie ‘Member Ramesan Ninth Ward’. Now, the actress is revealing her admiration for actor Asif Ali. The actress says that Asif Ali, whom she has been adoring since school days, is also her first crush. Gayatri opened her mind on Amrita TV’s Parayam Nodam ‘presented by singer MG Sreekumar.

Gayatri says that Asif Ali was and still is her favorite and she is in love with him. During the shooting of ‘Laddu’, all the news came about my love for Asif Ali. But only Asif Ali did not know, Gayatri said. I had the opportunity to meet Asif Ali while studying in school. When I was nine or ten, I was shooting for a movie starring Asif Ali near my house. I got into a fight at home and went to see the shooting.

Asif Ali was seen up close. I took a photo with him. That picture is still in my hand. But back then, I could not say anything ‘- Gayatri recalled.


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