Can I withdraw my retirement and play for India in the World Cup? Former Indian superstar joins Dhoni 2022

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Can I withdraw my retirement and play for India in the World Cup? Former Indian superstar to Dhoni

The Chennai Super Kings-Mumbai Indians match in the IPL yesterday was synonymous with excitement. It was Chennai’s second win of the tournament when Dhoni returned as the finisher in a match that lasted until the last ball.

Dhoni’s performance was like an ageless fighter. His last over included a boundary.

The perfection of the run between the wickets, the line and length of the delivery and the ability of the player to hit sixes have not been compromised. This was also evident in the last match.

Former Indian star pacer RP Dhoni has asked Dhoni whether he will retire from playing in the World Cup. Singh.

RP is yet to decide whether he will play in this year’s T20 World Cup. Singh asks. The star’s request was made via Twitter.

Dhoni’s performance was excellent last day. It was an impossible performance to say that Dhoni finishes in style.

Dhoni was Chennai’s captain ‘with 28 off 13 balls.

Dhoni was Chennai’s savior again when he was bowled out for 17 in the last over.

In the first ball of the last over, Unadkat returned the favor to Pretoriaus, who had put up a good cameo fight. Bravo’s single in the second ball gave Dhoni a strike.

Chennai needed 16 off the last four balls. In the final over, Dhoni hit a six off a classic shot and hit a boundary off the next ball. In the fifth ball, Chennai needed 4 runs off the last ball.

Super Kings won the toss and elected to bat. It was this performance that inspired Singh.

The T20 World Cup starts in October. The goal of all Indian players is to excel in the IPL and reach the World Cup squad. Performance in the IPL will be the main factor in getting a team.

Content Highlight: Former Indian Pacer RP Singh asks Dhoni to cancel his retirement and play World Cup

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