Can you take that knicker off, Dad? I do not know; Actor Suraj Venjarammoodu reveals his love for Amali 2022

Before becoming a film actor, actor Suraj Venjarammoodu was a mime artist. The actor now shares an interesting experience while talking about that time. Suraj recalled his interesting past in an interview with Mathrubhumi News as part of the promotion of his new film Janaganamana.

Suraj’s words

Mimicry was first performed on a stage when I was in 10th grade. It was in a nearby barracks. Kitex was trying to present a parody song for Lunkie’s ad, which was aired on Doordarshan at the time. He turned the song into a comedy and changed it to “Nikkarittu Vaa”.

But Nicker is not the main property when it comes to presenting the event. Searched around the stage, and found a grandfather bowing and praying in the temple. When he looked carefully, Anger was wearing a ruffled knickers. It was a white, blue striped nickname that I would like to own as a property. I approached Nice and asked, ‘Daddy, can you take off my daddy’s knickers? When he heard my question, he looked at me carefully and said, “Pota.” Then I presented the matter to my grandfather by someone else. I finally got the stuff.

And then that dad was standing in the back to watch the show with the look of when I would get my knickers. I put on my knickers and did the show and got a lot of applause. When the event was over I forgot about this knickers. He came after me and said, “Where are you going? Where is my knickers? Take off my knickers.” Eventually it was fixed somehow.

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