Case of attempted murder of a young man; Police take evidence with accused 2022

Kozhikode | Kozhikode: Police have taken evidence from the accused in the attempted murder case of a youth in Kozhikode. Russell Babu alias Ambadi Babu from Mathottam along with Harris from Arakkinar were arrested by Inspector G in Vellayil. The police led by Gopakumar also arrested the ACP. Evidence was taken by the Special Action Force under T Jayakumar.
The evidence was taken to the scene and taken to the places where the accused conspired. The vehicle used in the crime was recovered from the house of the accused.

The young man was attacked in the early hours of February 27 in a deserted area of ​​Coyote Beach. While talking to Sruhut near Koyarod Church, a gang of thugs on a bike tried to kill the young man with deadly weapons.

Russell Babu is the leader in gold smuggling and the number one lottery in the district. He recruits people for crime by giving them intoxicants. Police suspect that a drinking spree between the gold smuggling gangs was behind the attack. Ambati Babu is accused in 14 theft and drug cases, including the 2003 Nadkavu Jayashree Bank robbery.

So far, four people have been arrested in connection with the attack on the youth. Police say they have obtained clear information from the interrogation of the suspects about the remaining fugitives and the person who planned the attack.
Police said they would arrest them soon.

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