Change of party is not on the agenda of the league now: PK Kunhalikutty 2022

Malappuram | National General Secretary PK Kunhalikutty said that change of front is not on the agenda of the Muslim League now. EP Jayarajan’s is not considered an official invitation. Kunhalikutty said that when he became the LDF convener, what he said in general was that the League should invite the front. He was responding to EP Jayarajan’s statement that if the Congress was rejected, the League would take the lead.

There is currently no discussion of a change of front. There is no such thing on the league’s agenda at this point. The League is a party that stands firm where it stands. We are now with the UDF. The league is now trying to strengthen the UDF.

Everyone must stand together against the growing communal divisions in the country. The main issue for the government to address now is the prevention of communal divisions in the state. It is important that state politics does not fall into the hands of extremists. The League has a place in secular Kerala. The League now focuses on preventing minority and majority communalism. Kunhalikutty also said that the people of the majority and minority communities are the main enemies of the League.

The League has a place in secular Kerala. Kunhalikutty added that all secular parties should stand together in the campaign against communalism.


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