Chorion macri groups that do not understand good; Suresh Gopi responds to Vishukaine controversy 2022

Suresh Gopi MP responds to controversy Some people are intolerant of giving out. He also scoffed that those who criticized the handing over of the baby to the hands were chorion macros who could not recognize the good.

One rupee is given to the children. After 18 years, it is not a vote-buying cup. A rupee note does not have a picture of Narendra Modi or Suresh Gopi, but a picture of Gandhiji. He takes a rupee note and prays to Goddess Mahalakshmi and puts the baby’s hand in white, praying that it will be a blessed year when the baby will be able to perform. What to say to the Macri gangs who do not understand this goodness. Suresh Gopi added that they are Chorian Macri gangs.

Earlier, it had become a controversy that Suresh Gopi handed over money to the Shantikars of Vadakkumnatha temple in Thrissur. Subsequently, the Cochin Devaswom Board had ordered the upper castes not to accept such money from individuals. Suresh Gopi said the Devaswom Commissioner’s order was politically motivated.

The order states that handing over the outstretched treasure to the upper castes is tantamount to abusing the temples. The order was issued without mentioning Suresh Gopi’s name. However, the Devaswom Board had said that the move was prompted by concerns that some individuals were abusing the temples for reasons such as outreach.

It has been alleged that Suresh Gopi is trying to reactivate his political activities in Thrissur by extending his hand in the event of his Rajya Sabha term coming to an end. Temples and festivals are being turned into polling stations. CPI leader P Balachandran MLA had said that the people of Thrissur have the ability to recognize this.

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