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Bahubali was worried that the meaning of calling him ‘Mama’ would change, and tried some other names: Arun CM

Bahubali was directed by Rajamouli and was a breakthrough film in Telugu cinema. Arun CM was the artist who got attention with this film.

Although he has been in the dubbing industry for years, it was with Bahubali that people started paying attention to Arun.

Arun said there were some concerns during the dubbing of Bahubali and it was resolved after several discussions. In an interview with Club FM, Arun Bahubali narrated the incidents that took place during the dubbing.

“It simply came to our notice then. The word mama has a different meaning in that dialogue of mama you can not kill me when you are with me in Bahubali.

Someone said that he doubted that the word might be taken by the audience in a different context. Because of that, instead of the word mama, I dubbed it into many words like uncle and guru.

That is not our problem. There will be a variety of interventions going on. But there were disputes that if it went that way it would not reach our country and it would affect it very badly. So it was arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in Indian cuisine.

Arun said that as soon as the voice was given in Bahubali, people started paying attention to him and started calling and commenting. Arun is the voice of Yash in KGF and Junior NTR in RRR.

Content Highlight: Arun said that there were some concerns during the dubbing of Bahubali

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