Congress to formulate new strategies; Prashant Kishore with suggestions to revive the party 2022

Election strategist Prashant Kishore is expected to join the Congress soon. The final decision will be taken after a meeting with Sonia Gandhi. With just two years to go before the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress is gearing up to implement new strategies.

Prashant Kishore presented a blueprint for victory in the 2024 general and state elections during a meeting between Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

The Congress leaders are examining the proposals put forward by Prashant. Leaders have been asked to comment on the plan and Prashant Kishore’s joining the Congress. Prashant Kishore’s Congress 2.0 plan has not been revealed yet.

Meanwhile, NDTV has released details of a plan presented to Prashant Kishore Gandhi last year, listing the reasons for the Congress party’s massive collapse from 1984 to 2019. The plans aimed at the success of 2024 were presented. It says that the Congress has failed to capitalize on the work experience and tradition of the leaders.

Organizational weakness and lack of contact with the people have contributed to the failures. Prashant suggested that the leadership should restructure and democratize the party in order to revive the Congress.

Sonia Gandhi should be appointed as the Congress President and a non-Gandhi as the Working President or Vice President. Rahul Gandhi has also been nominated as the Chief of the Parliamentary Board.

“We need a non-Gandhi working president / vice-president who can act effectively as directed by the Congress leadership,” Prashant said in the report. The proposal calls for the Congress to contest 358 seats in 17 states alone in the Assembly elections. In the states of West Bengal, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, all the 168 Assembly constituencies are part of the alliance.

Confusion in alliances must be resolved. We must move towards a ‘one family, one ticket’ style to combat nepotism. All positions, including the Congress President and the Congress Working Committee, must be fixed. 15,000 grassroots leaders need to be identified. 1 crore members should be made active across the country. There are plans to strengthen the party, including digital networks, and lead the party to victory.

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