Controversy is not worth it; K Swift Gains Rs 35 Lakh Collection In One Week 2022

The K Swift has achieved excellent collection in its first week of service. The Swift bus has collected Rs 35 lakh in seven days. 35,38,291 from April 11 to 17 when the service was launched
Received for K Swift buses.

Since the inauguration day, the vehicle has been involved in accidents at various places and cases have been registered against the drivers. Although the accidents have caused controversy and criticism, statistics show that this has not deterred K-Swift. Services to Bangalore were the highest earners.

KSRTC has launched a new independent company, K Swift, to run long-distance services. K Swift started the service with 116 buses purchased with Rs 100 crore sanctioned by the government. This is the first time that the state government has launched sleeper buses.

In the first phase, 99 buses will be in service. 28 are AC buses. Of these, 8 are AC sleepers and 20 are AC semi sleepers. K Swift aims to modernize KSRTC. Tickets for K Swift buses are cheaper than other bus services. Private buses to Bangalore cost Rs 3,999 while K Swift charges Rs 3,100.

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