Crude oil price hike; Airlines increase baggage charges 2022

Abu Dhabi | As crude oil prices have risen sharply in the international market, airlines have begun to regulate luggage allowances. Some airlines have started charging extra to allow passengers to carry multiple check-in luggage in the UAE-India sector. Airlines that used to allow two-hand luggage in a laptop bag and backpack now allow only one. Airlines have tightened hand luggage checks at boarding gates. Airlines charge extra for luggage exceeding one kilogram. Low cost airlines are tightening their luggage policy.

Air Arabia has announced a 10 kg free hand luggage allowance. However, the hand luggage allowance of each passenger should not exceed the indicated weight. Dimensions including handle, pockets and wheels should not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Children under the age of two are eligible for a standard sized bag.

Air India Express has said that no passenger will be allowed to carry more than one hand luggage. Cabin luggage is allowed. Seven kilograms for adults and children (including duty free items), dimensions should not exceed 20x14x9 inches. Excess hand luggage must be retrieved from the boarding gate and passengers must pay the applicable rates.

Space Jet officials said that only 7 kg of hand luggage, including duty free and laptops, would be allowed. In addition, if the allotted baggage is more than two bags, an additional 75 dirhams must be paid for each additional bag. Mark Martin, founder of Martin Consultancy, said the idea of ​​budget careers is to increase their revenue in other areas. He added that airlines are preparing to either tighten their luggage policy or tighten existing rules.

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