Decision to make P Sasi the Chief Minister’s Political Secretary; P Jayarajan in opposition 2022

Thiruvananthapuram | P Jayarajan opposes CPM’s decision to make P Sasi the Chief Minister’s Political Secretary. Jayarajan objected in the party state committee. He said there was a possibility of repeating the mistakes made by Shashi and caution should be exercised in appointing the political secretary to the chief minister. Don’t forget the events that Shashi had tarnished the party before.

Do not forget the events that previously tarnished the party. Mistakes can be repeated. However, CPM state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that if there was any objection to the appointment, it should have been mentioned earlier. Kodiyeri asked why the information was not given earlier. P Jayarajan, a member of the state committee, said that he was expressing his views while discussing the issue in the committee.

The decision to appoint P Sasi as the new political secretary to the chief minister was taken at the CPM state committee meeting here today. This is with the election of Dineshan to the CPM State Secretariat in Puttalam.
Dinesh has been appointed as the new editor of Deshabhimani.

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