DK, to the heroes who take revenge on their estranged wife 2022.

DK, to those who make a hero out of revenge for his estranged wife 2022

The story of the revenge of a tragic hero has been circulating on social media since yesterday. Even those who think they have common sense laughed when they saw it being shared.

The protagonist of the story is Dinesh Karthik. Heroine Deepika Pallikkal. And the first wife of Villathi Dinesh. The villain is Murali Vijay.

Dinesh Karthik has made a dream comeback in the IPL. The team for the next Twenty20 World Cup may also be spot on.

All this is the success of Dinesh Karthik with his talent and hard work. But even more than that, the men in our country see things as pleasing to their mail ego.

It seems that I have not even heard of any move to turn Dinesh Karthik’s hero into a ‘hero’ who seeks revenge on his estranged wife.

But Dinesh Karthik knows that. Anger turned on the move years ago and started a new life. Yet all the male herds in this country are still lying there, rubbing the tip of their penis

Then these guys think who Deepika Pallikkal is. The heroine of a Bollywood movie who came to rescue her hero from collapse? Dr. Tragedy is an athlete and legend who was honored by the country with Arjuna and Padma Shri.

What personal space and what privacy for Arjun Reddy teams. It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

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