Dolphin attacks trainer during sequel show; Video goes viral on Twitter 20222

Dolphin attacks trainer during sequel show; Video goes viral on Twitter

FLORIDA: A video of a dolphin attacking a coach has gained attention on Twitter. The coach was attacked by a dolphin called ‘Sundance’ in front of a crowd at the Miami Sequarium. The video of the incident on Saturday has been widely shared on Twitter.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) also shared the video. The dolphin was still violent when the coach tried to change.

The video was shot by Shannon Carpenter, a photographer who came to see the show. The video shows a dolphin jumping towards a trainer swimming in the water. The trainer, who escaped from the dolphin and landed, was immediately taken to hospital by ambulance.

The coach suffered no significant injuries. Questions have been raised about the capture of dolphins and dolphin shows in sequariums like Miami.

The Dolphin Project, an organization working for dolphins, said the incident highlights the fact that dolphins and other whales are not captives. She added that enslavement poses a risk to dolphins and their trainers.

However, this is not the first time the Miami Sequarium has been criticized. An investigation by The Independent last year found a number of violations.

Peta claimed that Lolita, a 56-year-old orca whale, lives in the world’s smallest orca tank and cannot dive or swim deeper.

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