‘Energy Drink’ by the Hate Sangh Parivar; Karnataka writers buy halal mutton (video) 2022

Bangalore: Writers and cultural activists in Karnataka oppose the boycott of ‘halal’ meat by Hindutva organizations. Leaders of several progressive organizations and cultural activists, who had publicly rejected the call for a boycott of Hindus, on Sunday rallied in front of Muslim-owned meat stalls in Shantinagar, Mysore, to buy mutton from them.

Writer Devanur Mahadeva, socialist Pa Mallesh, KRS leader Badagalapura Nagendra and Karnataka State Backward Classes Forum president K.S. Sivaram and others participated. Most of the protesters bought meat from Muslim shopkeepers.

Devanur Mahadev spoke at the function, sharply criticizing the BJP government for shirking its responsibility to maintain law and order in the state. ‘Is there a law and order situation in the state? If so, he said, the government should take action against groups that have taken over law and order in the state.

Mahadev said the state government was encouraging pro-Hindu organizations to spread hatred in the society and demand the elimination of halal meat.

He said the aim behind the campaign against halal meat was to create hatred and divide people on the basis of religion to engage in vote bank politics. ‘Hatred is their energy solution. So they spread lies. If there is polarization and society is divided, they can come to power. But is it fair to be inhumane just to come to power? ‘, Mahadeva asked.

As the opposition parties in the state became inactive, government-backed groups took up such communal issues and worked with missionary zeal to polarize society.

Writer Mahadev said the bandh announced by Muslim organizations on March 17 against the High Court order upholding the hijab ban was perfectly justified. ‘The bandh was not against anyone or with the intention of harming anyone. They are protesting by closing shops. It was a silent protest, “he said.

Responding to statements by leaders of Hindutva organizations against the bandh, Devanur Mahadev asked if they would have set off firecrackers when they were dissatisfied with any verdict. He said the bandh was a model for the state.

P. Mallesh, a socialist and activist, recalled that Bommai had forgotten his roots after joining the BJP. He said the BJP was trying to isolate Muslims for political gain. ‘As the election draws near, there is a conspiracy to divide the society and isolate the Muslims. The BJP does not need Muslims because it does not vote for the party, Mallesh said. But Mallesh said Muslims in the country need not worry and people like him will stand by them.

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