Expensive wedding gift from friends; The groom got two boxes of lemons 2022

In Gujarat, the groom received two boxes of lemons as a wedding gift from friends. Friends should consider the skyrocketing price of lemons as the most expensive gift they can give their friend in this case.

Friends gave the groom a lemon as a gift during a wedding ceremony in Rajkot. The price of a kilo of lemon in the state has crossed Rs 200. ‘Lemons are in good demand this season. But its price is rising sharply. That’s what the lemon gave the groom as a gift. ‘ Said one of the groom’s relatives. The groom’s friends received the lemonade at the Haldi venue, a pre – wedding ceremony in northern India.

The high price of lemons in the summer is sure to adversely affect all of people’s favorite drinks. Low yields, crop failures and high petrol prices have pushed up the price of lemons in the market. ‘Unsuitable climate for lemon cultivation and prolonged hot weather adversely affected the harvest. As a result, farmers were not able to harvest on time. This affected the market causing the price of lemon to go up ‘; A senior official in the Department of Agriculture said in an interview with the Times of India.

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