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Comfort is with you

Muslims believe that life does not end with death and that the ultimate goal of man is happiness in the afterlife. They also realize that death is a time of preparation. In Islam, there are personal acts of worship, including prayer, fasting and recitation of the Qur’an. Virtues that flow into one’s spouse, such as charity and service activities, are a big part of Islam. Individual worship itself has a very broad social perspective. Both types of worship have their own glories. Depending on the circumstances and circumstances, one group may be more glorious than the other. Nothing can be ignored or trivialized.

SYS aims to comprehensively analyze human life and formulate routines that cover all levels. Therefore, it seeks to inculcate in society the practice of worship, which is as important as individual rituals. Consolation is a system set up for such service missions.

There are many comforting verses in the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Qur’an introduces those who neglect the orphans and do not encourage them to meet the needs of the poor as atheists. There are hadiths which regulate the hunger and thirst of any living being as the hunger and thirst of Allah. When I am hungry and sick, the question arises as to why you did not comfort me. Then the servant will say, ‘You are not hungry.’ When Allah asks back, “Did you not know that my servant was hungry?” When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) heard that Abu Jahl was ill and wanted to kill the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), he went to visit him even as a declared enemy.

Modern-day environments are at the forefront of bringing comfort services to the forefront. No matter how high the graph of development and progress is, there are many lives around us that are left with hunger, orphanage and isolation. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Those who defecate in bed and lie in the garbage without anyone to clean them, those who commit suicide in debt, those who start suicidal thoughts in their families, those whose marriage has become a mere dream due to financial hardship, those who end up under a clothed wall and roof; Comfort embodies this reality.

Consolation programs are designed to integrate financial aid and volunteer work. Consolation is with the people without interruption with state-wide programs and activities tailored to local circumstances, such as patient care, poor care, rehabilitation of the homeless, comfort centers equipped with equipment for the chronically ill, various welfare schemes for hospital premises, financial support for dialysis, and marriage assistance. The following is a brief description of the activities that the organization focuses on at this stage.

Medical card

The medical card guarantees support for the provision of medicines to chronically ill patients. Medical cards are issued in three categories: 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000, depending on the patient’s financial status and the price of the drug. The money for this is being sent directly from Kozhikode Youth Square to the pharmacies. About 5,000 families are now benefiting from the scheme.

Dialysis card

Having a kidney patient in a family is rich but their family budget rhythm is sure to go wrong. Dialysis is mandatory for a kidney patient at least three times a week. 12,000 to 15,000 will have to be set aside for this purpose every week. The Dialysis Card is a scheme that provides financial assistance to those experiencing this crisis.

Hospital services

Volunteer services are being provided under the auspices of Medical Colleges, District and Taluk Hospitals in Kerala. Consolation has been making excellent interventions to address the shortcomings in the infrastructure of hospitals. In addition, free supply of medicines and food is ensured in the vicinity of various hospitals.

Comfort Center and Comfort Club

Consolation centers are systems that operate at the local level for medical assistance. The consolation centers focus on the provision of medical equipment such as water beds, air beds and wheelchairs, the provision of first aid and the provision of assistance to patients receiving assistance from the government.
Consolation clubs aim to provide in-patient relief activities and disaster relief services. The comfort clubs work by coordinating home care, palliative and trauma care. Club members are constantly trained. The activities of the consolation clubs in the wake of the Kovid and flood disasters were lauded by all.

Ambulance service

There are 132 ambulances operating in different parts of the state for emergency use. There are government hospitals that are centrally serviced and run for local needs. Consolation ambulances provide free services to the needy. Consolation Driving for ambulance drivers is not a job, it is a dedication.


In addition to volunteering for disaster relief, there is also a large amount of financial assistance. When the landslide sowed misery in Kavalappara and Puthumala, a huge amount of consolation was given to each and every family affected by the landslide. The ration system implemented to deliver food items to the fishermen in distress due to sea turbulence should be highlighted.

Drinking water projects

The fact that the drinking water crisis has not been fully addressed despite the constant targeting by government agencies is a testament to the enormous needs of the sector. Although not everyone’s needs can be met, drinking water schemes have provided relief to many families in various parts of the country. Examples are the Vazhakad Maprathu 42 families benefit drinking water project in Malappuram district and the 60 families relief scheme in Karuvampoil in Kozhikode district.

Marriage assistance

He has comforted many girls who have gone unmarried due to lack of money. Every year, the state committee achieves consolation marriages for thousands of girls directly and through various factors. Under the leadership of the Nilgiri District Committee of the organization, about 300 young women have been beautified with full cost and jewelery. The next phase of the project, led by the state vice-president of the organization, Devarshola Abdul Salam Musliar, has announced plans to marry 500 girls by the end of this year.

Crores of palliative care activities are being carried out every year. But there is more work to be done. All of these need to be realized. Consolation workers will face you on the glorious Friday of Holy Ramadan. At that time, you should provide as much support, help and encouragement as you can for the continuation of this blessed mission. Requests to stand with the needy and their tearful movement. May God help you.


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