Father threatens to kill baby by stabbing him in the neck; Conquered five and a half hours later 2022

Malappuram | Father threatens to burn newborn baby to death in Kottakal The father made the death threat while going upstairs with the baby. He was later subdued by the police. He went upstairs with the baby at 7 am today and was defeated at 12.30 pm. The incident took place at Kotkal Chankuvatti. The 31-year-old was diagnosed with mental illness.

He went upstairs with the baby at 7 in the morning. He then threatened her with a knife. Relatives, locals and firefighters tried to persuade him, but he refused. The father-in-law then went upstairs to the house and handed over the child after reconciliation. Later, the police came and arrested him. It was then lowered with the help of the fire brigade. The child and father are being treated at a private hospital in Chankuvatti.

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