Firefighters rescue an elderly woman whose head was trapped in a steel bowl 2022

Malappuram | Malappuram fire brigade rescues one-year-old girl trapped in steel bowl while playing in kitchen The incident took place around 5pm on Friday. Kavanur Pariyarikkal rescued Suhail’s daughter Naisha.

The family reached Malappuram fire station after the family’s failed attempt to save the child trapped inside a thick steel container. Members of the fire brigade worked hard to rescue the boy using a grinding machine.

Led by Assistant Station Officer Ismail Khan, Senior Fire and Rescue Officer RV Sajikumar, Fire and Rescue Officers Anwar CP, Nishad VP, Pradeep AS, Mujeeb KM, Afzal K, Nizamuddin V, Saleh K. The rescue operation was carried out by TT.

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