First hated and then liked, he has his style- Akshar Patel 2022

Rishabh Pant’s thing is like saying, “Do I like Kuttishankar at the end of hatred?” After Dhoni, the wicket-keeper did not like the ball much. After many days, people started enjoying the player’s playing style and batting. It can be said that the hatred has changed especially with the stellar performance of the star of the Australian series. Now Akshar Patel has made an interesting comment about the star.

He would have wondered why the ball lay on the back of the stumps like this, to change his boredom and to charge one in the game, he said. When Kohli is there he will look to cut down on unnecessary noon. It’s annoying, but it’s his style.

The player, popularly known as “Vava” among the Trolls, has recently recovered from his poor form and is back on track.

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