G Sudhakaran is now in the Branch Committee 2022

G Sudhakaran, who had expressed interest in moving to the branch after being removed from the upper committees due to his age limit, decided the party unit to work for. Sudhakaran, who was a two-time minister, will now work in the Alappuzha district DC branch. G Sudhakaran’s unit was decided at the CPM state secretariat meeting held today. Sudhakaran had earlier asked the state and district leaders to transfer him to the branch.

G Sudhakaran resigned from the state committee after the age limit was tightened. G Sudhakaran had abstained from the recent party congress. He was absent from the party convention citing health issues. According to a letter submitted by the CPM to the Alappuzha district secretary, the party accepted the demand. Sudhakaran was replaced by district secretariat member A Mahendran as the party congress representative.

During the CPM convention, sectarianism was rampant in the district. There was even a situation where area meetings had to be stopped. The party may appoint a commission of inquiry to look into why sectarian tensions in other districts still persist in Alappuzha. The remarks made by Kayamkulam MLA U Pratibha through the new media were highly controversial. This is also a headache for the party in the district. At the same time, there are indications that G Sudhakaran may be given charge of the study center.

G Sudhakaran said that new people should come in the party duties. Some people in Alappuzha said that he would be expelled from the party. They do not know about the party. Despite being active in Ambalapuzha, the complaint was against the candidate. The report of the party commission of inquiry also said that I had shown more trouble than stated in the complaint. In Alappuzha, the element of sectarianism continues. Sudhakaran had made it clear that he was not in favor and that the work would now be in the branch.

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