Grateful after receiving the honors bestowed on the silver plate; KV Thomas A

Kannur: KV is the person who received the honors given by the Congress in the silver plate. Mullappally Ramachandran, former KPCC president, said that Thomas and what he has done now is a serious breach of party discipline.

It is ungrateful to say that the party has already been insulted after the party has given so much consideration and status. Prior to this, he had often put the party in crisis. Can no longer be allowed. The CPM is the party that has been killing and attacking Congress workers. It is a breach of discipline for Congress workers to attend a seminar organized by the party where they are fighting face to face for movement and life in violation of party directives.

KV Thomas and Shashi Tharoor were invited to the seminar on the machinations of the CPM. Shashi Tharoor withdrew from the seminar. KV said he would attend the seminar despite clear instructions from AICC and KPCC not to attend. Thomas says it is a challenge to the party.

He says it’s down to his age. The party has not slapped anyone on the grounds of age. KV Mullappally said that no matter which party Thomas joins, the Congress movement has no problem

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