Hat trick hero Luka Gokulam tied up Sudeva 2022

I-Lee Gill Gokulam Kerala continues to win. In today’s match, Sudeva defeated Gokulam by four goals against Delhi. With the victory, Gokulam once again secured the number one position in the points table.

Gokulam won the match at Kalyani Stadium. Gokul scored a hat-trick from Slovenian goalkeeper Luka Massen. Massen’s goals came in the 17th, 61st and 87th minutes. Tahir Zaman, who netted in the 27th minute, was the only Gokul goal scorer outside Masen.

With the win over Sudeva, Gokul scored 27 points from 11 matches. Mohammedan is in second place with 25 points. There is one more match left in the league stage. After the league stage, the top seven finishers will battle it out for the title.

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