Health Department intensifies operation to detect adulteration in fish 2022

Department of Health tightens action to detect adulteration in fish. A special inspection called Operation Fish was launched. 696 tests were performed. 772 samples were sent for testing. 1925 kg of damaged fish were seized and destroyed. Based on this, it was decided to start a new campaign, he said in 2022.

Health Minister Veena George has said that stern action will be taken against those who adulterate food. A special team led by the Assistant Commissioners of Food Safety will inspect the districts.

The public can contact the toll free number 1800 425 1125 if they have a complaint about adulteration of food items. These are the contact numbers in the respective districts. – Thiruvananthapuram 8943346181, Pathanamthitta 8943346183, Alappuzha 8943346185, Idukki 8943346186, Thrissur 8943346188, Malappuram 894333344, 894

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