Helps BJP, setback for Owaisi; Gujarat vice-president resigns from party 2022

AIMIM president Azaduddin Owaisi has suffered a major setback in Gujarat, where assembly elections are to be held. AIMIM state vice-president Shamshad Pathan has resigned from the party for allegedly supporting the BJP. Shamshad’s resignation comes amid allegations that party state president Sabeer Kabliwala is taking all decisions alone and that it will help the BJP. He further added that members of the party would resign.

‘The state president of our party is working in a way that is beneficial to the BJP. Because he does not know how to lead a party and how to contest elections, ”Shamshad said.

Shamshad’s reply was that the state president did not allow any party worker to meet Owaisi in person, knowing that allegations against him would come out if such a meeting took place.


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