Hope decreases with age; Unni Mukundan on Love Marriage 2022

Hope decreases with age; Unni Mukundan talks about Love Marriage

Unni Mukundan is a popular Malayalam actor. The actress, who focuses on bodybuilding and fitness, also shares such photos and videos on her social media accounts.

The actress’ marriage is also frequently questioned in interviews. But the video of Unni Mukundan expressing his opinion about romantic marriage is now going viral.

The actor’s response to an old interview with Ken TV Online, a YouTube channel, is gaining attention.

The actress gives an interesting answer to the question of the presenter whether there is a chance for Unni Mukundan to have a love marriage.

“I’m getting less and less of an expectation,” he said. With age comes less and less hope.

Love marriage is good. We spend some time looking at the definition of love marriage, understanding and getting married. If so, so be it.

Love can come even after marriage. And so on. We are happy. It’s enough that something happens, ”the actor said with a laugh.

Unni Mukundan’s latest release is Meppadiyan. The film, which was successfully screened in theaters, was over 100 days old. Unni Mukundan also produced Meppadiyan.

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