Is the plague over in 2022?

The epidemic of Kovid, which has been with us for two years, is slowly receding from our lives and memories. There are less than a thousand cases in Kerala. The coal routes we have traversed over the past two years have been unparalleled. Two years of realizing that there is only a thin line between life and death. With the X-E variant recently reported in the UK alarming and the Kanpur IIT predicting another fourth wave in India in June, we have virtually come to terms with Kovid. Health experts say the new variant of the X-E is unlikely to make waves in India, but the habit of vigilance has not been completely eradicated.

When the cases touched a thousand

The first Kovid case in India was reported in Thrissur. The carrier was a medical student from China. 2020 was a year of high expectations. Like a kind of fancy number. Fancy number one, the year life was supposed to be filled with fantasy. Time has awaited such a tragic fate in history for this precious number. He sighed to himself as he looked at the increasing number of patients every day. After a sigh, the crowd gathers in the street. Organizing protests. Wandering around without a mask. Education, money and convenience make us look down on ourselves. It was a recognition.

Time to cover the face

The human face was covered during the Kovid period. When masks became part of our wardrobe, we automatically walked the streets unnoticed and unrecognized. Man was reduced to himself again and again. Opposite can be a friend, a distant relative, a teacher who taught. They walked on, unrecognizable up close. A situation where one of us falls on the road and is afraid to even look back. Because the world said that social distance is right. Although it is relevant in this context, the post-Kovida era will continue to accelerate the social gap in human minds. Especially with the need of the hour in the new culture of online.

Kovid lost Kurunu children

It has been two and a half years since the baby’s day and night were tucked between the walls of the house. Since then, they have slowly begun to pitch into the yard. It’s been a long time since their thoughts or bodies have passed out of the backyard. Perhaps the restrictions imposed by Kovid are silent, but the most affected group are children up to the age of five. But even now, when the same restrictions are almost tightening around them, the debate over how that will affect them is nowhere near as significant. It may be argued that nothing happened to the babies during the Kovid period. But the futility of such an argument can only be understood by considering the importance of childhood and the importance it places on life.

Anganwadis, Kindergartens and Children’s Parks have been vacant in our country since February 2020, when the Kovid controls began. It is during these periods that their most important behavioral formation for a child takes place. When they arrive at the Anganwadi, they are exposed to another active world, outside the house where they were pitched. A child acquires invaluable knowledge of friendship, conflict, sharing, sharing experiences, and learning about the world’s fundamental right and wrong from teachers in the spacious courtyard of their first school and in the warm classrooms. When he joins the first class at the age of five or six, the knowledge in the books is easily put on top of the strong foundation he had acquired before. His three to five years of age are the best way to establish such a foundation. Age is the most absorbent age in life. It was at that time that they lost their homes by being trapped.

The virtual age of feasting

We welcome online culture in all its forms. Today, there is no one among us who does not search the internet for something that is needed by employees, students and business people. If online dating used to be a fad, today it is a part of everyday life. For the past two years we have been literally living in the internet age. While the intervention of the Internet raises our standard of living, we cannot rule out certain objections.
When we open our eyes in the morning, next to the bed we are looking for the smartphone that turned off the internet data late last night. With lockdowns and work from home, you can wander into the magical world of the internet inside your phone, chat with anyone around the world, order food, and do anything. Staying in that world we can do breakfast, eat, and go for a breeze on the terrace. Today our society, especially children, are caught in such a trap. The Internet spreads all over the world. When we have everything in that net, we do not want to go out of it.

Selection among Kovid

Our assembly elections were held at the behest of Kovid. Controversial events have been going on in the state all along, but what is happening in the months leading up to the elections has been the subject of much debate. The Kovid defense was the responsibility of the government beyond politics. In the beginning, the government fulfilled that responsibility brilliantly. But it must have feared that the government-led party would turn out to win the election, while others took up some of the fallen Kanaka-Kamini-Cannabis issues and returned the issue to politics. The rallies and struggles that were part of it put not only the government but also the health workers, who work day and night without sleep, in trouble. But we do not realize that the corona is not our politics. Their politics are inherently their own existence. Survival, reproduction, and domination are all part of this. From where we thought we would survive successfully in Kerala no matter what our politics, the number of cases that were on a daily basis then skyrocketed.

Changed variants

The word mutation became familiar to us during this Kovid period. Kovid has fascinated us in the form of so many variations. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Delta Plus, Omicron, Omicron BA1, Omicron BA2, Omicron BA3, and now X-E variants. Apart from that, the Sika virus has also disturbed our sleep during this time.

Vaccines as saviors

The Ministry of Health has approved about 10 vaccines against the corona virus in India. But only five were used. Those vaccines are Kovi Shield, Kovacine, Sputnik V, Korbe vaccine, Kovovacs, Sekov D, Spikequax, Sputnik Light, AD26 Kov 2X and AstraZeneca.
Humans in general have adapted to Kovid. Due to the large scale transmission, there is no possibility of another wave. However, two years have passed since the thought that no other living being can question man. We are human beings who have survived these unparalleled times. Let us look forward to the new age.

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