It is our culture to greet from the feet; Criticized by K Surendran 2022

BJP state president K Surendran has come out in support of Suresh Gopi following the Vishu outrage controversy. It is our culture for children to greet us with open arms. We are not a Western country. Surendran said the critics were mentally ill.

Suresh Gopi Vishu went to lend a hand. Very well done. He handed Vishu out of his own pocket to give Vishu to the children and students of our country. Sometimes small children touch the feet of an adult while extending a hand. That is the culture of our country. Surendran criticized that only those who are mentally ill interpret it as something that is wrong.

The Devaswom Board is showing unprecedented indifference in this regard. Surendran said that Suresh Gopi did a good deed and Chi people did not like it.

The video of Suresh Gopi extending his hand to Vishu was widely circulated. This was followed by a major controversy. Suresh Gopi’s greetings are seen by the buyers.

LDF convener A Vijayaraghavan also came forward to respond to the incident. Suresh Gopi also acts like a character in a movie. Attempts are being made to implement programs in North India here. He also said that the election campaign has started in the name of outreach.

The incident of people being kicked out by hand is unheard of in Kerala. The BJP is politicizing temples. Vijayaraghavan had accused the BJP of justifying anything in the name of Hindutva.

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