It was a shock to all who heard it. 2022

The whole world of cricket knows about the friendship between Raina and Dhoni. The story of Raina’s retirement from international cricket is well-known because of his love for his idol on the day Dhoni retired from international cricket. Now, Akshar Patel is talking about what happened when Dhoni retired from Test cricket. The actress made the revelation while speaking at the Breakfast with Champions event.

“I was touring Australia on December 30, 2014. Ravi Bhai called a meeting after the Melbourne Test which ended in a draw and then went on to say one thing to everyone now that Mahi was going to retire. It was a shock to all who heard it, and Raina began to cry when she heard it. This is the first time I have attended a team meeting with Mahi Bhai. But before I could say anything, Mahi Bhai said to me, ‘Aren’t you here? Let me step down.’ The state of not knowing what I should do. By the time I arrived, Mahi Bhai was gone. He hugged me saying that I was joking ‘- Akshar added.

“Everyone was shocked when Dhoni announced his retirement in Melbourne. Dhoni said as he walked towards me naturally. Ravi Bhai, I need to talk to the kids. I asked what was wrong with that. The next captain of the team was ready and said I was leaving. Dhoni was looking forward to announcing his retirement at the most opportune time. “Because Dhoni was aware of what his body could afford,” Shastri said earlier.

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