Keerthi Suresh movie trailer with high hopes; Sani Sports to hit theaters on May 6

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Keerthi Suresh movie trailer with high hopes; Sani Sports to hit theaters on May 6

The trailer of the movie Sani Kaidam starring Keerthi Suresh has been released. Keerthi will be seen in the role of a strong female character named Ponni. Sani Sports will be released on Amazon Prime Video.

The shooting of the film was delayed due to various reasons. Sani Sports will be released on May 6. According to the information released after the release of the trailer, the theme of the movie is revenge against those who destroyed Ponni’s family. Keerthi plays a police constable in the film.

The film deals with the curse of generations, the injustice done to Ponni and her family, and the bitter past. Director Selva Raghavan has also joined Keerthi in the trailer. Keerthi plays his sister in the film. The two will be seen in a completely different makeover. The film is set in the 1980s as an action-drama.

The film is directed by Arun Matheswaran. The film is being produced by Screen Scene Studios. Sam c. S is the music director of the film. The film is produced by ScreenScene Media Entertainment Pvt.

The trailer of Sani Sports is giving great hope to the audience. Keerthi’s performance can be confirmed while watching the trailer. The response from the audience has been overwhelming.

Keerthi Suresh’s last Malayalam film was the Marakkar Arabian Sea Lion. The film also stars Mohanlal, Pranav, Mamukoya and Nadiya Moidhu.
Keerthi’s forthcoming film is Sarkaru Vari Pattam. Samudrakani, Vannela Kishore and Soumya Menon are the other actors in the film. Mahesh Babu’s ‘Sarkaru Wari Patta’ will be released on May 12. R Madhi is the cinematographer of the film.

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