Kerala is not Pinarayi’s private property; CM promotes communalism: K Sudhakaran 2022

KPCC president K Sudhakaran has sharply criticized Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Congress will intensify its protest against the Silver Line. He also said that Kerala is not Pinarayi’s private property to act as it seems.

If the report is to implement the project anyway why is the social impact study being done. Kerala Samrakshana Sadas will organize a public relations campaign against K Rail. Sudhakaran also said that Congress workers would campaign in their homes.

The Chief Minister is promoting communalism. There were 60 political assassinations during the Pinarayi government. In the last election, there was a give-and-take between the CPM and the communal forces. What was done in the name of the party congress was fraudulent. Not even a bourgeois party can hold such a conference. What happened in Kannur was a ploy of the working party. He also alleged that farmers were committing suicide in Kerala during the scam.

PJ Kurien informed the AICC of his remarks against Rahul Gandhi. It is up to the AICC to decide whether to take action in this regard. KV Thomas has not been threatened and his financial background is an open book. Sudhakaran added that anyone can check.

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