Khalil Thangal urges fight against use of religion as a weapon of communalism 2022

Manama | Sayyid Al-Qahiri, General Secretary of the Kerala Muslim Jamaat-e-Islami, said: He was delivering the keynote address at the Annual Council at the ICF National Hall in Bahrain.

The Council was inaugurated by Aboobacker Latvifi and was chaired by National President KC Zainuddin Saqafi. The ICF National Committee has been reorganized as part of its membership campaign ‘Connect-2022’, under the theme ‘Asylum of the ICF Exile’. KC Zainuddin Saqafi Nadammalpoyil (President), Adv. MC Abdul Kareem Vadakara (General Secretary) and KP Musthafa Haji Kannapuram (Finance Secretary) were elected as the key office bearers. Other office bearers are Shahnawaz Madani (Organization President), Shamsuddin Pookayil (Secretary), Abubaker Latvifi (Dawa President), Abdus Samad Kakkadav (Secretary), Siyad Valapattanam (Welfare President), Noufal Mayeri (Secretary), Shihabuddin Siddiqui (Publication President) (Secretary), Salam Musliar (Admin President), Shameer Pannoor (Secretary), Abdul Hakeem Saqafi (Educational President) and Rafeeq Latveefi Varavoor (Secretary) were also elected.

Various committee reports, financial reports and audit reports were presented to the Council. Gulf Council Educational Secretary Hameed Chavakkad led the council proceedings. Syed Ibrahim Khalilul Bukhari announced their new office bearers. Adv. MC Abdul Kareem welcomed and thanked Shamsu Puka.

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