Kohli’s comeback is the need of the hour, he had to come back 2022

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Do you know what is the most frustrating thing about a man? It is its own existence. It is unbearable for anyone to suddenly fall from any height.

The same is the case with Virat Kohli. How quickly he got away from the cricket children’s books. Virat, who had nothing to lose in the match, now finds it difficult to score even a single run. There was an old Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli looked at the stadiums and cricket fans with a wave of excitement as the bowlers looked on in awe and the spectators erupted in applause. He is now just a shadow of the old Kohli.

What is happening to Kohli? While one group of fans breaks the silence, others are overjoyed. Maybe it’s the hot bowlers of his bat or the fans of the opposing team that collapsed when Kohli led them to victory by playing a tough innings. Rejoicing in his fall, a lot of people.

It is clear that the IPL matches of the 2022 season itself are just as intimidating. We have something to ask each other when even his favorite shots sink into the wicket. Was Virat Kohli the one we wanted to see and the one we wanted to know?

I do not know. Not at all, Virat Kohli was not like that. We have seen a lot of ups and downs. Depressions have also been seen. But in the case of Virat, things are happening that we would never want to see. I had so much faith in him, in his work ethic. The rise of Virat Kohli is a necessity of the times. It’s time for Kohli to rise, who has led any bowling line – up in a hellish way.

His response to the English media and match-fixing experts, who were stunned in connection with the 2014 England series, is still refreshing. That is the kind of response we expect today, dear Kohli. The hope is that Kohli will be able to do it.

We have to stand with him and trust Kohli. He’s not one to walk the records by the roadside ever. For those of us who dream of success, we need to awaken Virat’s dreams as well. You have to share his energy. Awake Virat, wake up in a hurry. Your wake-up call should become a symbol of the times.

Attribution: Malayalee Cricket Zone

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