KSEB strike; Ministerial discussion on Monday 2022

Thiruvananthapuram | Ministerial meeting on Monday with the left workers’ union who are protesting against the actions of the KSEB chairman. An attempt is being made to solve the problem under the leadership of Minister Krishnankutty. The Chief Minister and CPM leaders had directed the minister to end the strike as soon as possible. The intervention of the Minister is based on this. Minister K Krishnan Kutty said that if a complaint is received regarding the relocation, it will be investigated.

Leaders say the chairman’s reaction to the strike has exacerbated the problem. If the strike continues, more allegations will be leveled against the minister by CPM and CITU leaders. Meanwhile, the Officers’ Association officials and the Joint Strike Committee will meet tomorrow to discuss ways to intensify the strike.

Meanwhile, allegations are mounting that all the CITU struggles are against the department ruled by the allies. It is reported that the parties may inform the Chief Minister about this.

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