KSRTC pay crisis; INTUC to go on strike on May 6 after CITU in 2022

INTUC will also go on strike after CITU following the salary crisis in KSRTC. The pro-Congress TDF has said it will go on a signal strike on May 6. The protest followed a pay cut.

The strike will be held every month before the fifth day of the month, demanding payment of salaries. The satyagraha in front of the secretariat will start from Monday. The CITU has also announced a strike on the 28th of this month.

The employees are in distress as Vishu is also not getting paid. Due to non-receipt of Rs 30 crore sanctioned by the Finance Department, KSRTC employees were not even partially paid. Following this, the Left unions came out with a direct strike last day. The AITUC had earlier said it would pay the salary before Vishu or face a strike.

The Left organizations also went on strike after the INTUC and BMS unions after it was confirmed that they would not be paid before Vishu. CITU relay hunger strike begins. The strikers are demanding the resignation of KSRTC CMD Biju Prabhakar and the dismissal of the management. AITUC demanded that those who brought KSRTC to this point should be handcuffed.

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