Life story of an expatriate returning home; Daughter trailer arrives 2022

Sathyan Anthikkad’s trailer for ‘Makal’ starring Jayaram and Meera Jasmine has been released. The trailer hints that ‘Daughter’ will be a beautiful family picture.

In the movie where Jayaram and Meera Jasmine come as husband and wife, I play the role of the notable Devika Sanjay’s daughter through Prakashan. Nazlin also plays a major role in the film. The other actors are Innocent, Sreenivasan, Sreelatha, Siddique and Altaf.

‘Daughter’ is another film in which Meera Jasmine returns in a full-length role after six years. Meera last acted in the movie ‘Pattu Kalpanakal’. She had a guest role in Abrid Shine’s ‘Poomaram’.

The. Kumar Photography. Music by Vishnu Vijay. Manu Jagad is the art director and Sameera Saneesh is the costume designer. The movie will hit theaters in the last week of April. The film is being released by Central Pictures.

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