Lithic Spear weapon all about Full details in 2022


A weapon favored by the Millelith of yore.
Made out of a lith of the Guyun Stone Forest, stated to have the ability to pierce even by means of dragon scales…
Its nice weight prevents the Millelith of as we speak from equipping it.

In historical occasions, the Lithic Spear would conduct themselves in Rex Lapis’ identify in keeping with this axiom:
“Whereas rock stays laborious, the mountain shall by no means fail; whereas the Lithic Spear stands guard, evil shall by no means prevail.”
Prior to now, they went forth to subdue demons and shield the roads and the countryside.
In these peaceable occasions, their duties have shifted to sustaining order.

At a sure level up to now, the earth did shake, and the mountains did tremble.
Then, the Millelith gave out tools left over from the traditional wars to these amongst them who have been of unusually nice stature.
These have been the extremely weighty Lithic Spears, they usually have been used as shoveling instruments to rescue the injured.
“The Lithic Spear pierces by means of rock with ease.”
“If a thousand such spears may very well be lined up in formation as we speak, none might stand earlier than them.”

But in a good earlier period, when the world was in but deeper turmoil,
Each soldier within the Lithic Spear might wield these colossal weapons.

Thus have been they capable of shield Rex Lapis’ kingdom and defend their homeland.
With a thousand Lithic Spears lined up in formation, no evil might prevail in opposition to them.

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