Love Jihad Hindutva campaign; Yechury says the constitution gives the right to choose a partner 2022

CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury said that love jihad is a Hindutva campaign. The Constitution gives the people the right to choose a partner. He responded that no one could question that right. Yechury was reacting to the controversy over the marriage of a DYFI activist in Kodancherry.

The riots in ten states of the country in the name of Rama Navami are unheard of. The respective states should take action against the culprits. Such communal attacks are dangerous. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has remained silent on the issue. People’s lives are in crisis. The property of the country is being plundered. Communal moves are being made to divert attention from this. He said the party would take up the fight against communal forces.

George M. Thomas came on the scene with an explanation in the Kodancherry controversy. Love is not jihad, it is seen as the nature of hurting a community. What was said was misinterpreted. The party secretary was immediately informed. Even EMS has a tongue in cheek. The district secretariat will discuss the matter today, said George M. Thomas.

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