Love jihad is a social problem; I do not think all religious marriages are love jihad: Mar Joseph Pamplani 2022

Thalassery Archdiocese appointed Archbishop Mar Joseph Pamplani said that love jihad is a social problem. This is not an issue between Islam and Christian denominations and not all interfaith marriages are considered love jihad. He also said that there are some vested interests behind Love Jihad.

The church is with the parents’ concern over the Thiruvambadi mixed marriage. The archbishop also demanded that investigative agencies look into the vested interests behind the Love Jihad.

Meanwhile, the High Court today ruled in favor of a habeas corpus case involving mixed marriages. Joyce was ordered to leave with her husband Shej. The order came after it became clear that Joyce had not been unjustly detained. The court ruled in favor of Joseph’s father on a habeas corpus petition stating that Joyce was missing.

Joyce told the court that she decided to live with Shej on her own volition and would talk to her parents later. With this, the court observed that the fundamental rights of the girl could not be denied and allowed Joyce to go with Shej.

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