Made defamatory remarks; Reshma files complaint against MV Jayarajan 2022

Reshma MV Jayarajan and Karayi DYFI Block Secretary have lodged a complaint with the Chief Minister alleging defamatory remarks against her.

CPM Kannur district secretary M Vijayarajan had alleged that the BJP was protecting Reshma, who had helped Nijildas, the accused in the Punnol Haridasan murder case, go into hiding. Advocate Parishad leader P. Jayarajan had said that it was not a trivial matter that Premarajan and BJP Thalassery constituency general secretary and councilor K Ajesh came to the rescue of the woman arrested for hiding the murder accused.

Nijildas stayed at Reshma’s house without rent. He alleged that he had first met Nijildas and that Reshma knew that she was the culprit in the murder case.

However, her father had denied the allegations against Reshma, who had given the house to Nijil Das to hide. Yesterday, Reshma’s family’s response was that the house was rented not for Nijildas but for Nijil’s wife. The father had told Nijil Das that Reshma had not prepared food from home and that her daughter had been cheated.

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