Madin Academy prepares happy day for differently abled 2022

Malappuram | Salat Nagar Madin Academy hosts a rich feast for friends with disabilities. Wheelchairs from various parts of the district gathered at 9 am to participate in the Eid prayers, which were organized exclusively for the disabled. The couple, who had been staying at home for the past two years due to Kovid, happily attended the Eid prayers at the Grand Mosque.

The Madinah Grand Mosque was a time of joy and happiness for those living a miserable life trapped within the four walls of their homes due to various ailments. After the Eid prayers, rich food and stew were served. SYS Malappuram Zone Snehathanal program was also held. Eid crores were given to all. Syed Hamid Ismail Bukhari led the Kadalundi Eid prayers and Qutb.

Madin Hospice activists led by Junaid Saqafi Melmuri, Muneer Ponmala, Imtiaz Mali Melmuri, Salim Alathurpadi and Samsudheen CK were active in helping and caring for differently abled friends who came to celebrate the festival at Madinah Grand Mosque.

Madinah Academy Chairman Syed Ibrahimul Khalil Al Bukhari led the Eid prayers and Qutb for the common people at 7.30 am. At the heart of this Eid is perfect wisdom and boundless contribution as our country and society go through various trials. In this day and age when words have the sharpness of diamond weapons and stripes and markers have the value of life, our words and actions must be taken seriously. Even the seemingly trivial act of an individual can only lead to the destruction of a society or country. We must find time for perfect understanding and interaction with all sections of society without preconceptions. In his Eid message, he said that special awareness should be given to the individual, family groups, mahalla systems and organizations.

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