Majority racism or minority racism 2022

Let us first examine the three heinous crimes of independent India. One, the assassination of Gandhi. The killer was Nathuram Vinayak Godse, a Chitpavan Brahmin. Disciple of VD Savarkar, the founder of Hindutva. Godse’s associates are Gopal Godse, Madanlal Pahwa, Narayan Apte and Vishnu Karkare. All are immersed in Hindutva. Inspired by the RSS. From the majority community. The conspiracy behind that crime was not properly investigated. It is safe to say that the then Home Minister Sardar Patel was not interested. Had that happened, VD Savarkar would not be hanging in Parliament today, and the RSS would not be in the glory or name it is today! Two, the demolition of the Babri Masjid. The Babri Masjid was demolished by Karseva led by Hindutva groups including the VHP, RSS and Shiv Sena. Lal Krishna Advani led the rath yatra to Ayodhya before the demolition. Leaders’ aggression from Ashok Singhal, Vinay Katyar and Swadhi Ritambara has accelerated the Babri collapse.

Three, the Gujarat genocide. Time 2002. The state was ruled by the BJP. Chief Minister Narendra Modi. More than 2,000 Muslims were killed, most of them by independent groups. The number of Muslim women who have been raped has not yet been determined. Tens of thousands of Muslims became refugees. The looted were Muslim businesses. The loss is in the billions. The Sangh Parivar was disbanded. Led by ministers in government.

Countless ethnic riots by the RSS in independent India. Unilateral anti-Muslim killings. Honest figures on how many lives were lost have not yet been released. Not going to come out anymore.

Remember the riots in Delhi in 2020? The media reported that the Delhi Police had provided assistance to Hindu communalists who were hunting down Muslims in the country’s capital. Police in Delhi joined the militants in 2020, as in Gujarat in 2002. Kapil Mishra, who made the provocative speech that led to the riots, is still moving away from the grip of the law. A Delhi High Court judge has been directed by the police to file a case against him and the Center has rescued Kapil Mishra. The Left fact-finding team said that the same police had paved the way for Hindutva terrorists to unleash riots against Muslims in Jahangirpuri in recent days. Riots happen whenever the RSS wants. It can happen anywhere in the country. It did not happen in Kerala because left politics has deep roots. They have often had to physically confront the RSS. Although there have been setbacks in their stance in recent times, their role in defending the Sangh Parivar cannot be denied. It cannot be overlooked that the Congress and the Muslim League are playing their own political role in maintaining peace in Kerala. It should not be forgotten that there are some isolated scrolls in Kerala like the Thalassery riots. It did not spread outside Thalassery because the public and political consciousness of Kerala did not want riots.

It was about riots. Most of the riots in the country were started by Sangh Parivar. During most of the riots, the police were with the rioters. The commissions of inquiry have highlighted this in their reports. It should also be noted from the historical reading that there was no significant investigation, arrest or sentencing in the riot cases.

What is happening today? Nationwide, Muslims are being attacked, mosques are being targeted, Muslim businesses are being set on fire and looted. The extreme of what can happen to a community is happening. For this, Hindu festivals like Ramanavami are chosen. Then it is the Muslims who are arrested or the victims in the case. That is what we see now in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri.

The police are careless in ensuring justice for the victims and punishment for the real culprits, the government is providing shade to the perpetrators, the courts are lax in policy and the investigative agencies are snatching up reports in favor of Hindutva. In short, majority racism is treated at all levels and defendants are protected. We have the experience of being ‘honored’ by hoisting the national flag over the corpse of a convicted murderer who was convicted in the Dadri murder case of Muhammad Akhlaq. Not only that, the then UP government paid Rs 25 lakh as compensation to the family for negotiating the mystery surrounding Raveen Sisodia’s death! The BJP leaders also took the initiative to secure employment for the accused in the case on contract basis in the private form of the National Thermal Power Corporation in Dadri. Recall that UP Chief Minister Adityanath spoke in front of the main accused in the case as if he was justifying the incident at an election venue. The BJP has come out in support of the accused in the case of the brutal rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kashmir. Do not forget that the MLA was included. There is much more to count. Will this happen in any other country? The rulers who are supposed to hand over the criminals are appreciating it as a good deed! India has a history and present that confirms the statement of CPM leader and minister MV Govindan Master that the most dangerous is communalism.

This does not mean that there is no communal thinking in the minority communities. It cannot be pretended that we have not seen the growing communal polarization in the Christian community in recent years. Following in the footsteps of Hindutva forces, Christian groups such as the Casa have been waging communal propaganda to divide society religiously. This communalism is spreading on social media in the form of text and voice notes. Even responsible church leaders are part of the false propaganda. We have many examples like Love Jihad, Narcotic Jihad, Conversion and Minority Scholarship. But there is resistance from the Christian churches themselves. It is hopeful that wise men like Father Paul Thelakat will be involved in the efforts to guide the faithful.

There is no denying that communalism has engulfed the vast minority of the Muslim community. The demolition of the Babri Masjid has created a sense of insecurity in the community. However, it did not spread like wildfire as a result of vigilance in the community. Prominent religious organizations watered down the coals of post-Babri sentimentality by conducting campaigns and organizing awareness campaigns in the palaces with the determination that the minds of the youth should not be inclined towards communalism. As a political party in the community, the Muslim League took part in the anti-communal campaign by organizing such reactions where they had influence. As a result of this vigilance on the part of the community, the institutionalization of communalism did not occur among the Muslims. While adopting an uncompromising stance against Hindutva communalism, Muslim organizations have provided more forums for dialogue and reconciliation with the Hindu and Christian communities. In this way, an atmosphere of communal harmony was created in Kerala where even organizations that emotionally motivate Muslim youth could not spread hatred. Beyond that, there may be those who are intolerant of other communities; They are a very small minority by number. Their situation is so depressing that that intolerance cannot be expressed. But it is this small group in Kerala that the Sangh Parivaar is developing anti-Muslim narrations at the national level. One can only guess how the RSS will present the assassination of the RSS leader in Palakkad the other day nationally. The propaganda is that Muslims are hunting down and killing Hindus. It is a murder for organizational supremacy, and there is nowhere that the first murder was committed by the RSS. The Sangh Parivar can spread any lie quickly. This is because majority communalism is institutionalized and authoritarian. The tools to counter those lies are not even in the hands of secular and democratic movements. A minister in Kerala shared that conviction with the media in a statement yesterday. The Congress party in Kerala should have been able to stick to that position. But Ramesh Chennithala tried to weigh the majority-minority communalism on the same scale. Senior leaders like him should be able to recognize that it is the Sangh Parivar that is inspired by such statements that have no sense of history.

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