Manju Warrier’s statement to be recorded again; Action after Bhagyalakshmi’s revelation 2022

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Manju Warrier’s statement to be recorded again; The action follows Bhagyalakshmi’s revelation

Kochi: The statement of Manju Warrier in the case of attacking the actress will be recorded again. The crime branch is preparing to record Manju’s statement after Bhagyalakshmi’s revelation.

Manju’s statement came after a meeting of top officials convened last day.

According to Bhagyalakshmi, Dileep did not like Manju going to dance and called her at midnight and shouted at her. Bhagyalakshmi’s response was in the Editors’ Hour on Reporter TV.

According to Bhagyalakshmi, Dileep had called Manju Warrier not to participate in the dance program at the Karikakam temple. However, she added that Dileep was shouting at her when he assured her that he would not talk to Manju about it.

I was approached by people associated with the temple asking them to perform Manju’s dance as part of the festival. I did not know Manju then. Geethu organized the number from Mohandas’ hand and told Manju about it.

Manju said she needed cash now and her bank account was frozen. Bhagyalakshmi had said that Manju had agreed to attend the event.

Dileep himself called that night after Manju told him that Manju had decided to attend the event and that the details of the event, including the remuneration, would be shared with those associated with the temple. She added that Dileep had shouted that Manju could not be deterred from this.

Dileep said that Manju has respect for him and will listen to him. However, Bhagyalakshmi revealed that the heated conversation between the two came after she was asked if she, who came yesterday, could influence them if she, who has lived with them for 14 years, could not influence them.

The audio recording of Dileep’s lawyer teaching Anoop to testify in the case where the actress was attacked was released yesterday. Bhagyalakshmi’s revelation was related to this.

Content Highlights: Crime Branch decided to take Manju warrier’s statement about Dileep

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